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PLAYSCHOOL ( 6 months – 3 years old)

Play. Learn. Share. Grow

Play is an essential part of learning in a toddler & young child’s stage of development. Our PLAYSCHOOL nurtures young children’s natural curiosity by developing their early skills, milestone by milestone, that helps them gain independence and understanding of the world around them. The play also aids children in the discovery and development of verbal and manipulative skills, problem-solving, and creativity. The Power of Play such as Purposeful Play, Dramatic Play, Communicative Play, Exploratory Play, and Symbolic Play are amongst the 16 types of play that are infused into every layer of highly creative activities designed by Early Childhood Education experts.

Don’t let your child miss out on this essential yet super fun PLAYSCHOOL stage of 18 months infant – 3 years old kids.


PRESCHOOL (4-6 years)

The Future Begins Here.

Our Preschool uses a unique integrated approach that rides on the power of FLASH SYSTEM whilst engaging exploration and discovery experiences in a concrete way. The FLASH SYSTEM ignites the power of the right brain abilities coupled with that of the left brain to achieve an enjoyable yet powerful way of learning across all contents of developments.

Our PRESCHOOL approach emphasizes developmental success in Language and Literacy skills mainly in (English, Mandarin & Bahasa Malaysia), Math & Early Sciences concepts, Creative Art & Craft, Kindermusik, & Cultural Awareness. As an added bonus, our PRESCHOOL also preserves the Power of Play elements in our much loved by the kids Dramatic Play facilitates.

Our preschoolers develop an impressive bank of vocabularies and are geared towards being confident language users while immersed in different dramatic roles spanning across 24 themes such as The Fire Station, At The Restaurant, Hair Salon, The Aquarium, The Garage, and many more.

Let your child be an ACHIEVER who knows have to have real FUN!


Making a Difference, One Child at a Time.

Kidz Care is the perfect DAYCARE & AFTER SCHOOL CARE solution for children of 18 months – 8years old. Kidz Care, a premium daycare that develops every aspect of a child to be an all-rounded, creative and confident achiever whilst nurtured in a loving and care-focused environment.

Equipped with tight security, Kidz Care offers a complete care range with nutritious meals, assisted showers, comfortable nap, homework guidance, daily flashcard & reading activities, and a variety of high-quality enrichment programs – Kidz Care are DaVinci Art & Craft, Kindermusik, Creative Writing, Word Builder.

Being many parent’s trusted Daycare partner, we understand the importance of your child being in a safe and loving second home environment whilst enriched with high-quality activities.

Every child is precious to us as we make a difference, one child at a time.


Developing Creativity & Innovation in Kids

The Da Vinci Art & Craft program builds a solid foundation for children in exploring art and creativity. The journey with Da Vinci takes them progressively through a world of imagination, creative thinking, innovation, self-expression, and art skills. Most importantly, their seed of creativity, self-esteem, and enjoyment are constantly and tenderly nurtured through art at Da Vinci Art & Craft.

DaVinci Program is available for:-

  • Little Da Vinci (3 – 6years)
  • Junior Kids Art (7 – 12years)
  • Fun Craft & Clay (5 – 12years)
  • Cartoon Character (8 – 14years)

DaVinci Malaysia Website: davinci.com.my
Little DaVinci Level Youtube Channel: Little DaVinci Level
Junior Kids Art Level Youtube Channel: Junior Kids Art Level


Sing. Dance. Play. Good Beginnings Never End

Sing, dance, play & grow along in our award-winning Music & Movement program from the US. Children thrive on music! It’s one of the best vehicles to help young children learn.

The benefits of music are truly transformational. When paired with movement and instrument play, it creates neurological magic, lighting up a child’s brain and positively impacting all areas of development.

Available for:

  • Sing & Play (1 – 2years)
  • Wiggle & Grow (2 – 3years)
  • Laugh & Learn (4years)
  • Move& Groove (5 – 6years)
  • Kindermusik for the Young Child (7 – 8years)


Confidence Through Trinity London Speech & Drama

Speech & Drama is a springboard to build and develop accurate vocal skills through role-plays, speech, actions, games, and teamwork. This fun and interactive way of learning stretch their imaginations and gain the ability to articulate, express, present, and perform in the English language. Available for:-

  • SD Junior (3 – 4years)
  • SD Level 1  (4 – 6years)
  • SD Level 2 (7 – 9years)
  • SD Level 3 (10 – 12years)


Sharpen your child’s imagination and creative writing skills by exploring the various themes through art & writing.


Enrich your child’s vocabulary over 108 themes in 3 languages:-

  • English
  • Mandarin
  • Malay


It’s HOLIDAY time again! Pioneered since 2010, our holiday camps have always ended with an impact on the children’s memories. Our camps engage children in a wide variety of fun-packed yet educational activities such as scientific investigations, mind mapping, brainstorming skills, creative writing, field trips, acting, art & craft, games, music, and many more.

Make your child’s holiday a memorable one today!


Party Space Rental

Be it a birthday party, tea party, anniversary, celebration, or any get-together that deserves a cheer with the kids….let us plan for you! Pick from our fun-filled themes such as Princess Party, Pirates of the Sea, Firefighter, Animal adventure (check with us for updated themes), and many more.

You may also include an educational program during the party comprised of kids’ art & craft, kids party food making, kids dance, and kids mat games making the party educational and yet fun!

Make your child’s holiday a memorable one today!

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